11/24/16  THE WONDER OF YOU has been released in digital and paperback at Amazon!


5/5/16  A boxed set LOVE UNDER CONSTRUCTION containing Don't Break My Heart and Kissing Jessie  has been released  in digital only.


12/6/15 KISSING JESSIE Has been released  in both digital and paperback! You can get it at most major e-book retailers.


06/1/15 SIN CITY SEDUCTION has been released at Amazon in both digital and paperback!


10/27/14  I'm happy to announce Baby, I'm Back is part of a box set of 7 contemporary romances supporting military veterans!


Fast Men, Slow Kisses http://amzn.to/1wl8hPt is a great chance for readers to discover new authors for only 99 cents and help our veterans at the same time. All of us are super excited to be able to do this project.


7/12/14  I just got a call that The Naughty Never Die has WON the National Excellence in Romance Fiction award! Yipee!..


2/25/14 Don't Break My Heart  has been released and is available at most major e-book retailers and in paperback at Amazon.


11/21/13 A Heart Decision has been released at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in as an e-book, and the paperback version will be available any day at Amazon!!


02/6/13 The Naughty Never Die has been released at Amazon in both digital and paperback!


11/26/12 The Memory of You is  featured at Free Kindle Books and Tips today.


Coming Soon!

Around the middle of April I will be releasing A Little Bit of Deja Vu as Laurie Kellogg and Hypnotic Seduction as L.L. Kellogg.



The new year brings a new endeavor for me. I'll be releasing my Golden Heart winner, The Memory of You, for Valentine's Day 



Pinch-Hit Dad is a Golden Heart finalist!




I got a call!  Honey, I'm Home! is a Golden Heart finalist in the Contemporary Series  Romance Category!




My short story, Waiting Forever, has finally hit the magazine stands!  It was so exciting to see my name in print.  It's published in The New Love Stories magazine, which can be found at Barnes and Noble.



I'm a Golden Heart® finalist again with my book, The Great Bedroom War!




I just got an e-mail from the editor at New Love Stories Magazine.  They want to buy my short story Waiting Forever!  I'm so excited. According to RWA this doesn't qualify me as a published author, but it's the next best thing.  My story is slated for the 2009 May/June edition.


5/20/08   So I've finished the romantic comedy / suspense--which took me forever because the villain insisted on taking me places I really didn't want to go.  Now I start sending it to agents. (fingers crossed)  To celebrate, I've revamped my website.  My son kept telling me my old design looked like an old lady's site.  I responded, "Son, do you hear me son?"  (Doing my best Foghorn Leghorn imitation)  "I AM OLD!"  Anyway, he insisted I needed a younger image.  Hope you all like it.



Yippee!!! -- One of my books, Subliminal Seduction, is a finalist in the Golden Heart.  This is my fourth time as a GH finalist. In 2004 I had two entries nominated in the Single Title category and won.  I couldn't stand not knowing if Something Worth Remembering would've won if I hadn't entered A Little Bit of Deja Vu,  so I entered SWR again under the title, The Memory of You in 2006, and it also won.  I'm hoping four times will be the charm, and this year I'll finally sell.


 02/7/07   Gave a workshop at my local RWA chapter meeting on the Art of B.I.T.C.Hcraft--Creating Compelling Characters.


10-20-06   Woo-hoo!!! -- My short story, Waiting Forever, took tenth place in the Genre Short Story category of Writer's Digest's 75th Annual Writers Competition.  Tenth place doesn't sound very impressive until one hears  there were over 2,100 entries in my category and 19,000  in the entire contest. 


07-29-06   OMG !!!!  My book The Memory of You  aka Something Worth Remembering WON RWA's Golden Heart!!!  I'm stunned.  I really didn't think it had a prayer. The conference was awesome!  I got to meet so many of my fellow GH finalists who've become on-line friends. I can't believe I won AGAIN!



06 07-06   Received a letter telling me my short story Waiting Forever is one of the top ten finalists for Pacific Northwest Writers Associations ZOLA award.



Just got a call !!!!!  

The Memory of You  aka Something Worth Remembering is a finalist in the Golden Heart again--this time in the Long Contemp Category.  Whoopee!  Maybe my luck is turning around and the editors will realize how much everyone loves this story since it's finaled twice in the GH and was also an American Title finalist.


3-4-06  Spoke at a Plotting workshop at BCRW's 2nd annual special event at the Doylestown, PA, library.



12-20-04  Yipeee!

Made it into the second round of the American Title Contest. 



Voting begins for the first  round of the American Title Contest.  YIKES!


08-10-04 Whoo-ha!

Something Worth Remembering is a top ten finalist in the American Title Contest in Romantic Times Magazine.  Lots of publicity will be coming our way!




OMG, I can't believe it.  

A Little Bit of Deja Vu WON Romance Writers of America's GOLDEN HEART!!!!  The photo  would've been a little clearer if my son didn't have to shoot the picture from the rear of an audience of over 2,500 people.  Unfortunately, he did not have a telephoto lens.



07-31-04 Oh, wow.  

A Little Bit of Deja Vu WON the Pacific Northwest Writers Association's ZOLA  (aka Stella Cameron) award.  Stella personally called me to tell me I'd won the $500 first prize.